Innovators of Today

EDGE 35 Under 35 2021 aims to recognise the ‘Innovators of Today’ – a diverse group of people who have contributed to the success to the startup ecosystem in Singapore.

This year, we want to spotlight 35 outstanding young individuals across these 5 categories – Founders, Technology builders, Capital Drivers, Social Drivers and Ecosystem players.

  • Founders
  • Technology builders
  • Capital Drivers
  • Social Drivers
  • Ecosystem Builders

Founders are the core of any startup ecosystem. Constantly pushing the envelope of possibilities, the community needs these changemakers to develop solutions that impact many.

Under the "Founders" category, we seek to identify and recognise the top entrepreneurs who have made significant achievements and impactful contributions to the local startup ecosystem in 2020 - 2021.

Many of the greatest innovations today are driven by advanced technologies. However, these technologies have to developed and managed by individuals for them to achieve their potential.

EDGE 35 Under 35 2021 is on the search for Singapore’s best technology builders who have created groundbreaking technologies and made significant contributions to the growth of the local startup ecosystem.

Capital plays an important role within the startup ecosystem. It provides startups with the resources and ability to showcase their innovations. 

EDGE 35 Under 35 2021 is on the search for outstanding individuals who have drove capital into the startup ecosystem. The capital they have contributed should support the growth of local companies and the ecosystem in general.

While we live in a privileged society, social issues still lie within our community. Individuals who tackle them do them out of goodwill, generating impact that goes beyond themselves.

EDGE 35 Under 35 2021 is on the search for individuals who have driven significant social impact over the last year and enabled others to lead better lives in difficult times.

Ecosystem builders are often the unsung heroes of any startup community. The glue that binds the moving parts together, the connections they facilitate form the spark for collaborations.

EDGE 35 Under 35 2021 is on the search for outstanding ecosystem builders of the Singapore startup ecosystem who have built it into the region’s leading startup hub.

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