Recognising The Achievements Of 35 Inspiring Young Leaders

EDGE 35 Under 35 seeks to recognise the achievements of 35 inspiring young founders below the age of 35 in Singapore. It aims to celebrate youth who have made significant contributions to the startup ecosystem in Singapore over the past year so as to inspire Singaporean youth to pursue entrepreneurship and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.


More than 160 unique nominations were received and nominees were evaluated based on their achievements, contributions, and the impact of their efforts. The committee looked into how the nominees carried the Singapore brand into other markets, the results of their efforts in creating a societal impact, and how they strove to grow their companies, among other criteria.

Our Judging Criteria




Class of 2020

35 Under 35 Jury

David Chua

National Youth Council

Lim Qing Ru

True Global Ventures

Tan Yinglan

Insignia Ventures Partners

Huang Shao-Ning

Angel Central

Kurt Wee

Association of Small and Medium Enterprises