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EDGE presents: What You Need To Know About ‘Being Your Own Boss’

Entrepreneurship is often glorified in fiction and the media. For the average Joes and Janes, what does it really mean to embark on this fabled path?

This webinar lays out practical, realistic knowledge of what “being your own boss” means. In general terms, it will take you through the emotional, psychological, intellectual steps to judge whether you should pursue a business idea, and lays out potential pitfalls and notes on the new, post-COVID reality.

This simple, accessible session is for anyone who is considering the path of an entrepreneur, including those with no business training. It will not identify “hot” business ideas or trends, but gives general guidelines on how to judge ideas, one’s own strengths and weaknesses, and the state of things in your target industry.

Speaker Profile:

Johny Tay has been involved with innovation and business transformation for almost 20 years. In this capacity, he has worked from MNCs to startups across 8 industries and 5 countries. He has helped to build new products, brands, departments, and more recently, entire new companies. 

As a serial mentor for cutting-edge technology startups, Johny has worked with more than 10 startup accelerators, incubators, and networks in the last 5 years. These include the Founder Institute from Silicon Valley, Nordic Innovation House, Canadian Technology Accelerator, local tertiary institutions, and ACE, among others. 

Johny is also the Singapore Chapter leader for Zebras Unite, a global non-profit that advocates for the transformation of existing venture capital structures and culture. It encompasses 1,500 entrepreneurs in 40 chapters across 5 continents that have united around the ‘Zebra’ ethos.

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